Stolen Pirate YV-929 Light Freighter


Silhouette : 4
Speed: 3
Handling: -1

2 1
Hull Threshold:
System Strain Threshold:
Hull Type: Freighter/YV-292

Manufacture: Corellian Engineering Corporation

Hyper-drive: Primary Class 2 backup class 12

NavCom: Yes

Sensor Range: short

Ship’s Complement: one pilot, one co-pilot, two gunners

Encumbrance Capacity: 80

Passenger Capacity: 6

Consumables: six months

Customization Hard Points: 1

Weapons: Two triple light blaster cannons (fire arc forward and port or forward and starboard, dam 4, crit 4, range close, linked 20
turret mounted twin light ion cannons (fire arc forward, port and starboard, dam 5, critical 4, range close, ion, linked 10
two forward and one aft mounted concussion missile launcher (fire forward or aft, dam 6, crit 3, range short, breach 4, blast 4, guided 3, linked 1, limited ammo 10 each0

Stolen Pirate YV-929 Light Freighter

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